My desire to work with women is something that I feel in my core, which can be hard to describe. What I can say is that this desire is driven by recognizing and appreciating the vitality women experience when we feel healthy, connected to ourselves and a community and what we can accomplish when we’re thriving.

My own healing journey, heart-centred passions and self-growth path continually lead me to go beyond what’s happening at the physical level and to explore, understand and connect to myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My approach to working with you is to be present, to hear your story, and to understand who you are and why you may be experiencing your current health concerns. This information then directs us to explore what needs to be nurtured and optimized so you can begin to heal and become a healthier you.

Though sometimes the immediate need is to relieve symptoms, taking the time to uncover the causes and contributing factors to health concerns will address the issue from a deeper rooted and longer-lasting place.

I am passionate about helping women optimize and reclaim their health and especially find connection within their body so they can more fully step into their power and vitality as a woman.

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Naturopathic services offered: