Posted December 8, 2017

Move over KD, there’s a new mac and cheese in town. This version offers way more health benefits, since it’s mostly veggies. This recipe is also gluten free and dairy free. There isn’t any pasta or artificial, neon-orange cheese sauce. You can healthify it even more by adding in broccoli, peas and/or chopped spinach

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The missing piece to forming habits

Posted July 27, 2017

As the halfway mark of the year has come and gone, have you long forgotten about those New Year’s resolutions or goals? You’re not alone. According to statistics, 40% of people make New Year’s resolutions, and approximately 8% of people actually keep them.

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Coconut Flour Porridge

Posted July 20, 2017

Trying out a Paleo or low carb diet? Or maybe you’re looking for a different spin on your regular morning porridge routine? Whatever the case, give this recipe a try. It is hearty and filling (I felt full about half way through my bowl) and will keep you satiated for hours.

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