We know that our physical exam and PAP test are an important part of a woman’s health care, and they are often, understandably, avoided or put off for another day… and another… and another. Because really, who likes PAPs?

I know the feeling of a quick physical exam and rushed PAP test, concluding by the end of it, while sitting cold in a paper gown, that I guess I’m fine?! But also, not really sure what the doctor saw. And not knowing if there were clues of imbalances or potential future health concerns.

Overall, I didn’t find the appointment particularly helpful or insightful.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

This is why I offer Woman’s Wellness Visits. To provide you with more insight about your health so you can feel confident that you’re doing ok or you know where to make tweaks before something becomes a bigger issue.


A Woman’s Wellness Visit includes:

  • A head-to-toe physical exam,
  • A PAP test, if needed and
  • Screening tests not included in a regular physical


This is not the same as a regular physical exam. We will look at different markers and clues from the body. From this, we gain a general indication of your health, identify health issues, detect potential nutritional deficiencies and gather information on the current status of your stress response.

Your PAP exam allows you to be in the driver’s seat, giving you the option of inserting the speculum so it’s at your pace and seeing your cervix, if desired.

Making sure you’re doing ok gives you peace of mind. Knowing what tweaks you can make to improve your health before it becomes a bigger issue can end up saving you time, energy and money down the road.


Who is this for? You! If…

  • It’s time for your annual physical or PAP but they’ve felt lacking in the past
  • You haven’t been feeling 100% and want to have a general check-up to prevent you from going down a deeper rabbit hole
  • You want a more holistic look into your health so you can ensure you’re maintaining your health properly


You deserve…

  • A warm and caring space to voice your concerns and ask questions
  • Insight into your health
  • To feel in control of your health and not be just a bystander
  • To feel confident knowing about the status of your health


Your Woman’s Wellness Visit is up to 75-minutes.

This Woman’s Wellness Visit is open to current patients and new patients.

Simple nutrition or lifestyle recommendations may be discussed. To address a particular health concern/s, an initial or follow-up appointment will be required, where a treatment plan can be provided.


Call the clinic (Thrive Chiropractic at 780-244-2441 or West Edmonton Naturopathic at 780-761-2889) or click here to schedule your Woman’s Wellness Visit online (West Edmonton Naturopathic clinic only).