Empowered PAP


We know that a PAP test is an important part of a woman’s health care, and it is often, understandably, dreaded, avoided or put off for another day and another, and another. Because really, who likes PAPs?

There is another way…

I offer PAP testing as part of your naturopathic care, where the approach is adapted to your comfort. Your PAP exam allows you to be in the driver’s seat, giving you the option of inserting the speculum so it’s at your pace and ease and the option of seeing your cervix.

Your PAP test includes:

  • A brief discussion of your pelvic health
  • A PAP test, including vaginal pH measurement
  • The opportunity to see your own cervix and take a picture, if desired
  • Option of vaginal swab
  • A follow up call with your PAP test results, no matter what the result

If you’re looking for a different approach to the PAP test that provides:

  • A caring, respectful environment where you feel heard and are invited to ask questions
  • Informed consent throughout the process, with consideration of your readiness
  • Feeling empowered to be a part of the process and your health
  • Greater understanding and information about your pelvic health

…you’re in the right place.


If you’re a current patient, new patient or if you already have your own naturopathic doctor, you can come in for just the PAP.

To schedule your Empowered PAP test, call the clinic (West Edmonton Naturopathic: 780-761-2889 or Thrive Chiropractic 780-244-2441).


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