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Are your sugar cravings in the driver’s seat?

Does it feel like your sugar cravings are in the driver’s seat, especially before your period? Or maybe you notice times of the day where all you’re thinking about is a delicious cookie, chocolate bar, candy or baked good?

It can be a vicious cycle of being tempted by sugar that temporarily makes you feel good but often leaves you feeling worse. You are not alone. This sugar roller coaster is common to a lot of women.

What is Cyclical Breast Tenderness?

Do you know what time of the month it is because of breast tenderness?

You’re not alone. Approximately 60-70% of menstruating women experience some level of breast pain, and it’s one of the common symptoms of PMS.

Learn more about what cyclical breast tenderness is, what causes it and 5 tips to reduce breast tenderness.